So Little Time: Volume One – School’s Cool

January 28, 2012 5 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Riley (Mary-Kate Olsen) and her sister Chloe (Ashley Olsen) have hit high school and there’s no going back, no matter how strange things become. Of course, high school offers a lot of good elements, such as being able to drive, being old enough to do a lot of stuff, and being around your friend a lot, but it also involves some stress, as the sisters soon discover. They learn about the pitfalls of dating, the pressure of classroom performance, and of course, the perils of staying on the cutting edge of fashion. Then again, their mother is an executive with a high end fashion studio and as such, they’re always in the newest, finest threads. Since the girls have wealth in the family, they have to rely on odd classmates, the assorted bad dates, and their lack of intelligence to provide excitement, but of course, it all evens out in the end. Can these two rich, pampered chicks somehow survive the thin problems they face?

As we all know, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen have found boundless success, they rake in more cash than most people can dream of, all while not doing much of anything. Yes, they were popular on Full House as toddlers, but since then, their sole feature film and other television shows have been busts, without a doubt. These girls make the bank based on clothes, school supplies, makeup junk, and a series of lowbrow, harmless direct to video releases. But the girls must have wanted to rekindle their television fame, as 2001 brought us their latest project, a high school sitcom titled So Little Time. As most of us expected, it didn’t make waves in the big leagues, though it has found an audience on a secondary channel. The show is not miserable, but it offers little fresh material, especially if you’ve watched teen sitcoms before. Even so, fans of the twins will want to check it out, since they’re up to their usual tricks. The series makes a quick move to DVD, perhaps one of the fastest moves to date, though fans have to settle for individual discs for So Little Time. The first volume of So Little Time from Warner Brothers is titled School’s Cool and contains a total of six episodes. The titles of the episodes are The Breakfast Club, The Color of Money, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, True Lies, Trading Places, and Teacher’s Pet.

Video: How does it look?

The episodes are presented in full frame, as intended. As should be expected from a such a new series, the image looks excellent and leaves little room for complaints. The show has a colorful presence and it comes through well here, thanks to vibrant hues and natural flesh tones, neither of which ever fall into error. I saw no flaws with black levels either, as contrast remains well balanced at all times. In truth, I wasn’t able to find any serious problems here and while some minor ones arise, the episodes still look superb.

Audio: How does it sound?

Unless you use laugh tracks to showcase your home theater, you won’t be too impressed with the audio presentation here. A 2.0 surround option is used on all the episodes and while the audio is solid, its never remarkable. Then again, this is a teen sitcom and by turn, we shouldn’t expect too much from the material. The basics are well presented, so dialogue, music, sound effects, and yes, even the laugh track all sound good in this mix. This disc also includes subtitles in English, Spanish, and French.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc includes a special quiz game, a selection of still photos, and a brief reel of bloopers from the show.

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