Star Trek: The Original Series Vol. 11

January 28, 2012 4 Min Read

Review by: Matt Brighton

Plot: What’s it about?

Episode #21-“Tomorrow is Yesterday”>>>Airdate 1/26/67
Time travel is something that may or may not be possible, most likely if it is possible, we will never see it in our lifetimes. Dating way back to the early Star Trek episodes, Tomorrow is Yesterday conquers this very odd subject. Kirk and the gang are thrown into a time warp caused by a black hole and are thrown back to the “present” time (then, 1967). They are seen by an air force base and learning that one officer’s knowledge of thier existence could prove fatal for the future.

Sulu and Kirk beam down to the surface, where Kirk is captured (big suprise), to try and fix the records so there will be no record of their visit to Earth. One man does accidently stumble into the transporter beam and gets aboard the Enterprise. With this man seeing the wonders of the 23rd century, it’s yet another task that the Enterprise has to fix. A good episode, in my opinion…

Episode #22-“The Return of the Archons “>>>Airdate 2/9/67
As with so many episodes both in TOS and The Next Generation, the Enterprise in it’s constant quest for exploration, gets involved in another society’s culture. Upon looking for the U.S.S. Archon, the crew discovers a race of people who, at first glance, seem peaceful. They are goverened by a group known as “The Body” and upon a certain hour of their day, become violent and moblike.

Kirk and Spock are caught on the surface, and are only saved by going underground and with the help of a computer, built by Landru some 6,000 years earlier are able to try and escape. They realize that this same fate is what happened to their U.S.S. Archon some 100 years ealier, but being “The Enterprise” we all know that no harm will come to them and all live happliy ever after..or do they?

Video: How does it look?

Star Trek has never looked better, being that these episodes are more than 30 years old, they look great. Shown in their original full screen ratio, the colors are bright and vivid. The very colorful uniforms of the crew really stand out and all those blinking lights and buttons make it like you’re watching it for the first time (and for me, it was). While lacking in comparison to some of the full frame transfers, it’s understandable. If you’re a die hard Trekkie, this is the only way to go.

Audio: How does it sound?

The audio is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0. It’s basically a mono soundtrack, but has some directional effects that I didn’t expect. The “zapping” of the phasers and especially the beaming up and down sounds are neat and have a high pitched effect. Still, for a TV show that’s 30 years old, the sound isn’t that bad.

Supplements: What are the extras?

There are trailers for each of the episodes.

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