The Boston Red Sox: 2007 World Series Collector’s Edition

January 28, 2012 4 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

While the 2004 World Series was a magical run for the Boston Red Sox and their fans, they didn’t have quite the build up in claiming their next championship. The Red Sox Nation didn’t have to be concerned about a new curse, as the Red Sox won the 2007 World Series as well. After their landmark win in 2004, the team went through some shake ups and wasn’t as strong, but that would change in big ways. As the Red Sox marched into the playoffs, they would line up against the Cleveland Indians in the ALCS and that seemed to be quite an obstacle. The Indians would sprint to a 3-1 lead in the series, putting the Red Sox once again in must win after must win situation. But just as in 2004, when their backs were up against the wall, the Red Sox rallied and the rest is baseball history for the ages.

In this eight disc collection, Red Sox fans can revisit the 2007 magic once again, starting with Game 5 of the ALCS, when the team faced an incredible uphill battle. I myself enjoy baseball, but I can’t imagine going back to watch even the best games again, but there is obviously a market out there. This collection has the last three games of the ALCS, as well as the complete World Series, so fans can celebrate all over again. The games are shown in their entirety, so from the first pitch to the last, you can relive all of those magic moments. You can also choose between various announce teams, which lets you get the different styles and adds spice to the experience. A&E has also tossed in numerous supplements, from team interviews to highlights from the rest of the season, so there is considerable value here. I think its clear this is aimed at diehard Red Sox fans, so if you’re in that demographic, you will not want to miss this release.

Video: How does it look?

The games are presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen. The visuals here look great, with bright colors and deep contrast, and a sharp overall picture. I am glad to see such care was taken, as some other sports releases I’ve seen didn’t look so good, but A&E has drummed up some terrific treatments with this release. I think fans will be thrilled and in truth, these look just as good as when first broadcast, if not better.

Audio: How does it sound?

The audio isn’t as impressive as the visuals, but it is competent and free from problems. The roar of the crowd and the crack of the bat sound good here, on par with the original broadcasts. The audio isn’t powerful, so even thunderous home runs don’t punch hard, but for baseball games, this is solid all around. As I mentioned before, you have some options in terms of announcers, with the Fox team, Red Sox Radio, and Spanish language all available. That can add good value to the games, so kudos to A&E for making sure all of the bases were covered here.

Supplements: What are the extras?

You can watch team interviews, the clubhouse celebration, trophy presentations, and other playoff highlights, as well as check out a nice selection of noteworthy moments from the rest of the 2007 season. This isn’t as comprehensive as some might like, but there’s a decent assortment of stuff here.

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