The Pallisers (Set 2)

January 28, 2012 5 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

This is a massive series in terms of scope and as such, I think a simple synopsis would be impossible to write here. On the most basic level, this is a soap opera with non soap opera elements, like good writing, solid acting, and tremendous production values. But in terms of plot, this release covers over four hundred minutes of content, so I don’t think I can summarize the whole shootin’ match in such a small space. As you should know from the “Set 2” in the title, this is the second set of discs in The Pallisers series and of course, these episodes continue the various subplots that we witnessed in the first set, as well as some new ones that start to take shape. Some of the focus remains on the stars of those prior episodes, but new leads also emerge in places, which ensures the whole series stays fresh and interesting. The series looks at both the private and professional lives of the characters, which means a lot of social and political ground is covered. I do think you’ll need to watch the episodes in the proper order however, so don’t just jump into the series with this second release, as you’ll be lost.

This is the second set of The Pallisers to be released by Acorn Media and in terms of content, this one all but mirrors the first issue. The pack holds four discs, each loaded with two episodes (except for disc four, which houses three) and in total, almost five hundred minutes of content, plus a couple extras. As I stated in the review for that first release, I think the number of discs is excessive, but since I am just pleased to see the series on our beloved format, I won’t complain much. I suppose the steep price could scare some folks off, but in truth, I imagine the select audience will be more than quick to fork over the cash, as the series is more than worth the dough. As far as the series goes, the episodes here are just good as the prior release, which leaves me waiting with impatience for the next set to be issued. I like the storylines in these episodes, as some strands get tied up and solved, while others begin to unravel and some just start to surface, very compelling stuff indeed. I know the price is high on this one, but I give this terrific series a high recommendation nonetheless, as the quality of the content more than justifies the asking rate.

Video: How does it look?

The Pallisers is presented in full frame form, which is how the episodes were shown on television. As the case was with first release and shall be with the third and final set, the video here is less than impressive, but is the best the limited source material could look. I know some restoration work could clean this up more, but with such a limited audience for the material, that simply wouldn’t be a wise investment. The source materials show signs of wear, such as marks and debris, but have held up well enough to watch without much distraction. The colors seem a little faded and the contrast is solid at best, but given the age and condition of the materials, this is the finest we can expect The Pallisers to look.

Audio: How does it sound?

The audio is very stable here and shows minimal wear signs, as the elements are clean and clear from start to finish. As you can imagine, this series is driven by dialogue and as such, it dominates this mix. The vocals come across in crisp form here, with only slight age related issues and on the whole, I was unable to detect any serious flaws. No real complaints in terms of music and sound effects either, as the elements were well presented, even if limited at times by the source materials. A few small glitches aside, this track is more than up to the task and won’t let anyone down.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This set includes some talent files, as well as a brief interview with performer Susan Hampshire.

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