The Rowdy Girls

January 28, 2012 8 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

In the old west, times were tough and the people were even tougher. Life was short, the streets were filled with violence, and you never knew whether or not today would be your last day. But on a high note, prostitution was legal and as such you could always strap on a fine young honey and forget all your troubles. As the tumbleweed rolled by, many stories unfolded and this here is one of them. Velvet (Shannon Tweed) is a hooker with ambitions, as she seeks to begin a prostitution business in the new frontier of San Francisco, but some folks don’t like the idea. Her boyfriend was one of them, but after she shot him and pistol whipped him, he didn’t have too much to say on the issue. She soon hooks up with Sara (Deanna Brooks), a young woman who doesn’t want to marry the man she’s betrothed to, and the two women set off the new frontier together. But the roads are paved with lust filled wranglers, troublemakers, and the viscous femme fatale, Mick (Julie Strain). Can these two make it to San Francisco and begin their new lives, or will they become victims of the wild west after all?

Are you the type of person who likes the idea of westerns, but could never get into them because of the lack of nudity? If so, The Rowdy Girls is a must see for you, as it combines the sensibility of the western genre with the luscious bodies of some mucho hot chicks. Add in a campish and fantastic soundtrack and you’ve got the recipe for one hot flick! This isn’t just about tits and ass though, it’s about having fun and this picture is loaded with comedy, as well as boobs and butts. Plus this guy sings all the time to tell the story, though I am unsure whether or not I like him as of yet. You might think this movie is mere eye candy and you’d be right, but there are some nice touches that make it worth the time. The costumes and set designs are terrific and really add to the mood of the old west, while the cast is perfect for this type of motion picture. And of course since this is the rootin’ tootin’ west, there’s some guns involved and nothing complements sex quite like violence. I think this film deserves a rental for those interested, but the disc is loaded enough to warrant a purchase if you like the film that much.

This film was directed by Steve Nevius, who makes his feature film directorial debut with this movie. Nevius is no stranger to the movie business though, as he has worked as an editor on many films. This movie comes off very well and while many will expect low production values and such, I think Nevius and his crew have delivered a movie that rises above the label of “skin flick” to stand as a visually solid effort. Now the material doesn’t allow this to become a great film, but the costumes, sets, and such really are top notch for this level of motion picture. Visual composition is also very well executed, which came as somewhat of a surprise. If you’d like to see some of Nevius’ work as an editor I recommend The Princess Bride, Fall Time, The Chase, and Eden. So how’s the acting? It is as good as some soft-core veterans can manage, which is pretty decent though no awards will be taken home. The leads are played by Shannon Tweed (Detroit Rock City, Shadow Warriors), Deanna Brooks (Playmate Pajama Party), and the excellent Julie Strain (The Bare Wench Project, Ride With The Devil), all of whom have experience in the realm of shedding clothing. Strain is a personal favorite of mine and even in the wild west, she ends up as a dominant ballbuster. The rest of the cast? Some other folks. After those ladies, no one can fill in the void. :)

Video: How does it look?

The Rowdy Girls is presented in a full frame transfer, which retains the intended aspect ratio of the film. This transfer is typical Troma and looks as good as you can expect from a direct to video release. I was pleased to find minimal pixillation and edge enhancement, as well as the absence of debris on the image. The colors seem natural, but bright and never smear or bleed, while flesh tones emerge in warm shades. Which is good, because this flick has a lot of flesh. I never found any troubles with the contrast either, as shadows were complex and detail was never obscured in any fashion. An overall fine transfer, keep up the good work Troma!

Audio: How does it sound?

The mix included on this disc is adequate, but never really becomes immersive or powerful. But then again, this material doesn’t call for much in terms of dynamic audio, so no complaints in the end. The music sounds clean and shows distortion, which is good since the music is used to further the story at times. The sound effects, from erotic moans to gunfire all emerges in fine form and I never noticed any lag or mistiming. The dialogue also comes across well, with clear vocals and no problems with lip synch or volume in the least.

Supplements: What are the extras?

The usual Troma trimmings are included on this disc, but some film specific goodies have also made the final cut. You’ll find two introductions from writer/producer India Allen and star Julie Strain, both of which show off Strain’s breasts and charisma very well. “Q&A with T&A” is a hilarious interview segment with Julie Strain, Shannon Tweed, and Mark Adams. This is not serious in the least though, so just expect some laughs from this one. This disc also houses a brief still photo gallery, which has some nice shots of Strain and the others. The final supplement is an audio commentary with Shannon Tweed, Mark Adams, and the great Julie Strain, which again is more about having fun than sharing vital information. You will learn some secrets about the production, but you’ll laugh a whole lot too.

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