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Anaconda (Steelbook, Blu-ray)

A "National Geographic" film crew is taken hostage by an insane hunter,

blurayauthority February 8, 2024

Trading Places: Paramount Presents (Blu-ray)

The fabulously wealthy but morally bankrupt Duke brothers (Ralph Bellamy and Don

blurayauthority November 23, 2020

A Legacy of Whining (Blu-ray)

The past ain't all it's cracked up to be when two former

blurayauthority September 25, 2020

White Squall (Blu-ray)

Based on a true incident from 1960, White Squall is the story

blurayauthority December 12, 2019

The Simpson’s: The Complete Nineteenth Season

The longest-running primetime scripted show in television history,THE SIMPSONS exploded into a

blurayauthority December 6, 2019

Excess Baggage (Blu-ray)

Wanting her father's love, an attention-starved debutante engineers her own kidnapping by

blurayauthority June 24, 2019

Anaconda (Blu-ray)

A documentary film crew journeys to the depths of the Amazon in

blurayauthority May 7, 2019

Showdown (Blu-ray)

Ken has just moved from Kansas with his mother. He talks to

blurayauthority April 5, 2019

Nemesis (Blu-ray)

Alex, a burned out LA cyborg cop, is forced by commissioner Farnsworth

blurayauthority January 8, 2019

Coming to America: 30th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray)

An extremely pampered African Prince travels to Queens, New York, and goes

blurayauthority May 31, 2018