Blue Money (Blu-ray)

February 1, 2017 5 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Jim (Alain Patrick) has a dream to take his family around the world by sea and after a year and a half, he is close to making that dream come true. He has worked hard and poured money into restoring a ship to carry them, but his dream is under constant threat from outside forces. He earns his money working in illegal adult film production, writing and filming pornography, which he then sells to theater owners. Despite a recent change in law that made the films legal, local law enforcement can still crack down and force porn producers to go broke fighting charges. Jim continues to film new projects, unaware he is under constant surveillance from the police and while his family life has been stable, that too has changed. Jim has taken an interest in a new actress and his wife is not pleased with how he has been behaving. Even though he has immense pressure in both his personal and professional life, Jim pushes on and sees the goal within his reach. As he continues to produce movies despite lower and more risky payoffs, will Jim lose his sight of what is really important in his life?

Blue Money has seen a lot of “budget” DVD releases over the years, but none have been remarkable. Vinegar Syndrome has rectified that however, giving us not only a beautiful new transfer but also the uncut version of the movie, for the first time ever on home video. Blue Money gives a ground level look at renegade porn production, warts and all (no pun intended). This means there is a lot of nudity from both males and females, but no graphic sex is shown. If you can’t handle some bush and swinging dongs however, Blue Money isn’t for you. I appreciate that Blue Money is played straight as a drama and while the performances aren’t elite caliber, they get the job done. Alain Patrick’s accent is hilarious however. You will even see a couple familiar faces if you’re well versed in 70s porn, which lends some realism. Blue Money is not a wild, balls to the wall exploitation movie however, it is a drama that veers into some odd moments. It dulls the shine on the glamour of porn production and shows the risks and sacrifices some of the filmmakers used to contend with.

Video: How’s it look?

Blue Money is presented in 1.85:1 widescreen. This release boasts a brand new transfer from the original camera negative and it shows. This is light years beyond the other home video versions. You’ll still see some wear and damage, but the print is very clean and doesn’t look overly processed. As is often the case with these older, cult titles, better to have some flaws than wash out the entire picture. The colors are natural and rich, flesh tones (and this is important here) are warm and natural, and contrast is dead on, with no detail lost in the shadows.

Audio: How’s it sound?

The original mono soundtrack is present and while not memorable, it does the job. I mean with mono, you just want clear and clean audio and that’s what we have here. No pops or excessive hiss, so the movie’s audio can do what it needs to and that’s about all we can ask.

Supplements: What are the extras?

You’ll find an interview with producer Bob Chimm, promotional stills, and the film’s theatrical trailer. As an added bonus you can check out an extra bonus movie, 1970 picture The Affairs of Aphrodite. Who doesn’t love an entire bonus movie included as an extra, rightt?

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