Dead Block: More Dead to Block DLC (XBLA)

January 28, 2012 4 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Who doesn’t want more zombies to kill? The popular zombie survival game Dead Block knows players want to slay more undead, so they have released the More Dead to Block DLC pack. This collection of four new maps gives players all new locations in which to unleash mayhem on the zombie hordes. Dead Block’s core premise remains the same in this DLC, you have to hold down a location and eliminate the undead. While keeping the zombies out is always a good idea, you’ll need to let them in for this DLC, as your goal is to kill a certain number of them. A nice change of pace from searching for parts to construct a device to wipe out the zombies, a kill counter goal makes you rethink your approach. Instead of working to force the zombies to remain outside, you need to let them in, but only in controllable volume. After all, you can’t kill your target number if you let them all in, only to find yourself overrun by the undead.

The shift in strategy actually makes Dead Block more fun than ever, as you take a more active role and are forced to use traps in new, more fun ways. While you will still want to nail up some boards, now you will do this to direct traffic and funnel the zombies where you want them. The real focus however is on your more lethal traps and the bonus weapons. This means you will be breaking down items like always, to make sure you find as many traps, weapons, and boards as possible. Uncovering a freeze ray that can chill out fifteen zombies at once can be a huge boon, for example. But you will need to make the most of the limited items, or risk having to rely on your melee weapons, which is never a good idea. The new layouts are solid, but don’t differ much from the original maps, so don’t expect a world of change there. The other disappointment is lack of new achievements, which should be standard by now on all paid DLC. More Dead to Block is reasonably priced and offers ample fun for those who enjoyed Dead Block, so this DLC earns a solid recommendation.

Video: How does it look?

These new maps retain the visual design of the core game, with some new touches to help them stand out. The Turkish Bathhouse level is perhaps the most fresh of the four, but each looks quite good. So if you enjoyed the visuals of Dead Block before, you’ll find these maps offer more of the same.

Audio: How does it sound?

The same holds true for the audio, as the music, sound effects, and narration are in the same wheelhouse of the core levels from the game. And since the maps are just an extension of that experience, it makes sense that the audio is the same, so no complaints there.

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