Max The Curse of Brotherhood (XBLA)

June 19, 2014 5 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

When Max enters his room and finds his younger brother Felix playing with his toys…again, he loses his temper and even makes a wish that he didn’t even have a brother. While Max meant his wish as simply venting his anger, the portal spell he found online happened to be genuine. Soon enough, Felix is pulled through the portal and into another world, but Max instantly realizes what a huge mistake he has made. So he jumps through the portal himself, determined to reunite with his brother and return their lives back to normal. Max finds himself in a strange place and quickly discovers how dangerous it is, when a massive monster begins to hunt him down. Between monsters, precarious jumps, and obstacles of all kinds, Max faces a tough road ahead. But he gets a little bit of a boost from a magic marker, as in real magic. He can use the marker to create various things out of thin air, such as rising mounds to reach higher areas, vines to swing across gaps, powerful fireballs, and much more. He will have to make the most of the magic in his hand, but Max at least has a chance to bring his little brother home safe and sound.

This game was previously released for Xbox One, but now 360 owners have a chance to embark on a fun, creative adventure that is well worth taking. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a side scrolling platform game, in which accurate jumps, split second timing, and efficient use of the marker abilities are all required. Those new to the game may find that some trial & error is needed, for the most part the game makes the mechanics clear and isn’t too punishing. At first you just have to do one of those tasks at a time, which is brisk and easy to manage, but soon the difficulty starts to ramp up. You’ll have to time your jumps through dangerous levels, all while using multiple marker abilities, in the proper order and window of time. So once the game starts to really roll, it can be a nice challenge to keep up. I wouldn’t call Max: The Curse of Brotherhood one of those soul crushing type platformers, but it can be hard and it take some time to adjust to the controls. But I found that when I did fail within the levels, it was my own fault and not the game’s mechanics or control elements. The game is well crafted from top to bottom, just a fun experience that provides a sharp, but enjoyable challenge.

Video: How’s it look?

The visuals here are terrific, but of course, aren’t quite up to those on the Xbox One version. Even so, the game’s visual design shines here and never disappoints. The colors range from beautiful and bright to dark and eerie, with the entire spectrum looking just as it was intended. I found the level design to be excellent, with a good amount of background detail to soak in while you traverse the game. The character designs also look great, especially the title character and the various enemies on showcase. So not the best looking version of the game, but the game’s visual spirit is still loud and clear.

Audio: How’s it sound?

The sound design is effective, but tends to blend into the background most of the time. That isn’t a complaint, as that means it is never intrusive, but some moments seem to be ripe for that extra audio kick. The music is light and easy to listen to, so it won’t drive you nuts. The overall sound design is rock solid, but isn’t the kind of soundtrack that sticks out in your mind afterwards.

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