Bare Witness

January 28, 2012 7 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

As we all know, opting to film our most intimate sexual moments can often lead to serious consequences, but most of us never wind up in this much trouble. A camera runs as a prostitute earns her keep with a client, who happens to be a professional killer, a man who is also linked to people in high places. As it turns out, the tape contains information that links his powerful friend to a planned assassination plot, not exactly good news. The target is a popular worker, but she has drawn negative attention from some businessmen, as she is more about the normal people, as opposed to the rich and powerful. As such, she has been placed in the sights of a hired killer, but now the plan has been leaked to the authorities, thanks to the tape. Now Killian (Daniel Baldwin), a police officer with internal conflicts, has to find out the truth and prevent the assassination from happening, although that won’t be easy. It seems like everyone who comes close to the tape winds up dead, which means that if he wants to solve the case, Killian needs to keep the tape and the beautiful Carly (Angie Everhart) within reach…

As we all know, a film can often be marketed around a set of naked breasts and if you ask me, there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve seen many a movie that was saved by gratuitous nudity and might have missed some entertaining films, had I not known that a certain starlet popped her top, I can admit these things. So when Bare Witness arrived, I had no real interest in the film and expected a real downer, but I knew it was worth a look, as Angie Everhart is gorgeous and I can never tire of seeing her in the buff. And while this could have been a fun movie, it lacks the volume of naked ladies it needs and of course, casting Daniel Baldwin as the male lead drives the final stake in the coffin, poor decisions all around here. Yes, it is nice to see Everhart and some other cuties on parade, but even films like the cheese laden Sexual Predator pile on the nudity and campish texture, whereas Bare Witness tries too hard to be respectable. So unless you’re desperate to see Everhart in yet another nude scene, I’d recommend steering clear of this one, although a rental might not be bad, if you’re that interested.

In addition to starring in this film, Angie Everhart also served as executive producer, which makes me wonder who is advising her these days. I know Everhart is not a top level draw, but I think she could get smaller roles in more prominent pictures at least, especially since she’s willing to shed the linens so often. She only reveals her assets once in Bare Witness, but rest assured, that’s enough to earn her paycheck. So given her looks and fame from modeling, I have no idea why Everhart would agree to even be in this movie, let alone produce it, I mean she has Daniel Baldwin as her love interest, that should be enough to make her leave the set. But she doesn’t and while her performance is somewhat flat, her chest is not and since that’s why we’re watching, I guess that is what matters. Other films with Everhart include Bordello of Blood, Another 9 1/2 Weeks, Jade, and Sexual Predator. The cast also includes Daniel Baldwin (Vampires, Mulholland Falls) and Catalina Larranga (Hollywood Sex Fantasy, King Cobra).

Video: How does it look?

Bare Witness is presented in a full frame transfer. I am uncertain of the intended aspect ratio, but I think this could have been matted and looked terrific, so I am unsure why Columbia didn’t give this one an anamorphic treatment. I mean, yeah it is a bad movie, but even bad erotic thrillers deserve anamorphic widescreen, if you ask me. Aside from that issue, the image here looks good and should please all viewers. The print looks clean and the image is very sharp, as one would expect for a film that moved right onto home video, of course. I found colors to be bright, flesh tones to be natural, and black levels to be on the mark, not much else I could want here. Not a reference level visual effort and the lack of widescreen earns a demerit, but Bare Witness looks solid here and I doubt anyone will be too let down.

Audio: How does it sound?

A clean, basic, and effective 2.0 surround track is used here, nothing special, but we couldn’t ask for much more in this case. The surrounds are used at times to widen the music and some select sound effects, but this is pretty much a beefed up television mix. So not a lot of range or depth, but this material seems well covered in all respects and that’s good enough. The dialogue is crisp and never drowned out of the mix, but with some of the poor lines heard here, you might wish the music was a little louder. As I said before, not a mix to demonstrate your home theater with, but all of the needs of the material are handled, so no harsh criticisms here. This disc also includes a French language option, as well as subtitles in English and French.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc includes the film’s trailer.

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