The Bare Wench Project

January 28, 2012 6 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

The legend of The Bare Wench is well known and steeped in rumors and myths. The story goes that she was a resident in a mining town and she wowed all the men, but the women were none too pleased with her antics. So the men hauled her to the top of the nearby mountain, where they raped her and left her at the mercy of the dangerous wilderness. As rumor has it, you can now see sexual devices littered in the area and just being in the place causes women to become very hot and bothered. Now a team of four beautiful college women have decided to investigate the legend and find out what is true and what isn’t. The girls will document all the things that happen on video and put all their information into a report for school. They are joined by their guide and virtual slave, Lunk who does all the dirty work, but is never allowed to really get involved in the good stuff. As the girls traipse deeper into the woods, strange things begin to happen and their sexual needs grow and grow. But is it The Bare Wench or are the girls just in heat?

In case you can’t tell from the synopsis, this is a sexual satire of The Blair Witch Project. This means the film is loaded with breasts, butts, and lesbian action of course, but there is also some humor and camp value to this movie as well. This is shot on what looks like a digital camcorder and runs in documentary fashion, but the image doesn’t look bad in the least. We switch from color to black & white, just like Blair Witch and the storyline runs parallel to that one also, with some sexual twists of course. Whether the girls find an altar draped with sex toys and lingerie or a couple of them decide to stop off for some oral antics, this one has some hilarious and corny moments. The girls show all the goods they were given and have fun with each other, but it never becomes hard-core in nature. Is this cinema at his best? No, but this movie is a lot of fun and I think the characters are much less annoying than the Blair Witch’s cast, to say the least. This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re interested I recommend you give this one a look.

This film was written and directed by Jim Wynorski, who is no stranger to offbeat and low budget cinema. The documentary nature of this film doesn’t allow for much visual flair, but Wynorski makes sure it all stays in focus and we can see what we need to see. The writing is basic and usually corny, but that’s the perfect type of dialogue for this movie. The lines are bad and hilarious, which means the girls and their poor delivery add even more impact to the humor. Of course this film doesn’t let Wynorski showcase his skills that well, but he still delivers a superb porno/comedy. If you want to see more of Wynorski’s films I recommend Chopping Mall, The Return Of Swamp Thing, Sorority House Massacre II, and Little Miss Millions. The main cast includes Nikki Fritz (Black & White, Go), Lorissa McComas (Hot Boyz, Dish Dogs), Antonia Dorian (Hard Bounty, Sorceress), Julie Smith (Disorderlies), and of course Lenny Juliano (Final Voyage, Lethal Weapon) as Lunk. The always delightful Julie Strain (The Rowdy Girls) also makes an appearance and is as gorgeous as ever.

Video: How does it look?

The Bare Wench Project is presented in a full frame transfer, which preserves the original aspect ratio of the film. This film was shot on digital video so it doesn’t look like a normal film, but this transfer delivers the best possible visual presentation, given the source materials. The image is sharp, but looks like digital video which means it looks like a very nice home movie. But since this is a “documentary,” it’s all good. The colors look bright and never bleed, while the mass of flesh looks natural and warm. No contrast issues emerge either and compression errors are minimal, this is one excellent transfer!

Audio: How does it sound?

This film doesn’t call for much audio power, but the included stereo mix offers a nice overall sound. The volume is always proper and consistent, which is good since the source materials were less than stellar, I imagine. The vocals emerge in much better fashion than on the VHS version, which was spotty and somewhat low in volume. You’ll hear all the squeals, shrieks, and hilarious dialogue in perfect fashion with this mix. You won’t be blown away by any means, but this is a very solid overall audio presentation.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc includes a trivia game, in which correct answers are rewarded with glimpses of flesh! This disc also houses the director’s cut of this film, which restores some footage lost in the R rated version.

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