Latest Digital Reviews

No Time to Die (Digital)

Bond has left active service and is enjoying a tranquil life in

November 30, 2021 11 Min Read

Red Notice (Digital)

In the world of international crime, an Interpol agent attempts to hunt

November 19, 2021 7 Min Read

Malignant (Digital)

Madison is paralyzed by shocking visions of grisly murders, and her torment

October 4, 2021 7 Min Read

Reminiscence (Digital)

Nick Bannister, a private investigator of the mind, navigates the alluring world

August 30, 2021 7 Min Read

The Suicide Squad (Digital)

Supervillains Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Peacemaker and a collection of nutty cons at

August 11, 2021 9 Min Read

Aftermath (Digital)

A young couple struggling to stay together, when they are offered an

August 9, 2021 6 Min Read

Black Widow (Digital)

Natasha Romanoff confronts the darker parts of her ledger when a dangerous

July 16, 2021 6 Min Read

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (Digital)

One of the most sensational cases from their files, it starts with

June 7, 2021 8 Min Read

Those Who Wish Me Dead (Digital)

Angelina Jolie stars in this thriller as a smokejumper still reeling from

May 27, 2021 7 Min Read

Godzilla vs. Kong (Digital)

The epic next chapter in the cinematic Monsterverse pits two of the

April 30, 2021 8 Min Read